Linda’s Tips – Know Your Audience

When you have been asked to speak one of the first action items on your list should be to know your audience. By being familiar with your audience you will be able to present relevant, timely and engaging information.

Some of the questions to ask before speaking in front of your speaking opportunity are:

What is the age range of the audience?
What type of professionals?
Are all of the attendees in the same industry?
What are some hot topics going on with the audience at this time?

I made the mistake once of presenting to a group who I thought were Twitter users. As I asked the question about Twitter I got blank stares. Part of my presentation had a segment devoted to Twitter. I had to quickly take that out. If I had asked this question before I got on the stage from the meeting planner I wouldn’t have had to scramble during the presentation.

Getting to know your audience before you step up on the stage will create the framework for a successful presentation. Your audience will fall in love with you and want an encore performance.

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