Breaking Through Barriers

What barriers do you need to break through? What is holding you back from achieving the executive presence you seek? Linda H. Yates The Image Energizer shares how breaking through barriers is the path to success.

Two years ago I started on a journey to improve my smile. I got braces at age 47! Little did I know at that time what challenge it would be to correct my smile. Confidence is the underlying principle to reaching all of our goals. This past two years has been a hit on my self-image. I realized that I was letting my self conscious thoughts of the braces I’m wearing impact my stepping out and achieving my goals. This has been a self imposed mental barrier.

One of the best ways to experience a break through is to list how holding back from reaching to achieve your goals is effecting you. Keeping your mindset in a possibility framework will aid you in uncovering, realizing and accomplishing your potential.

If you desire more executive presence then breaking through your self imposed mental barriers is the answer.

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