TEE 016: Deaunna Evans – Family Success

Deaunna Evans, MCC

This week on The Executive Edge Episode 16 Deaunna Evans joins the show to guide us on how having success at home and positive interactions with our family is an edge to success.

We are happy to welcome Deaunna Evans, MCC, owner and head parenting coach at Super Moms Coaching. As a master life coach and professional parenting coach, she helps frustrated parents of tweens and teens strategize solutions to tough behavioral challenges that come with adolescence.

She became a parent coach because she knows how one difficult child can devastate an entire family. Deaunna understands how frustrating and overwhelming childhood behavioral issues can be! Even though her family faced challenges that naturally come along with step-parenting, and a child with ADHD and ODD issues, they nonetheless raised 3 highly functional and successful children. Their two oldest children are now happily thriving young adults gaining a college education and one amazing 16 year old highly functional son still at home with them.

Deaunna has raised three highly successful children using the principles of positive parenting that she teaches others. She shares her professional coach training experience plus her laboratory of life (20+ years worth) of ‘been there-done that yet rose above it’ parenting tips, tricks, and techniques to help families raise highly functional and well-adjusted children.

Highlights from this show:
- Stopping to listen and be in the moment with your children
- Family First
- How emotional love can change the direction of your home life
- How business principles can be applied to your family
- How to overcome obstacles and failures
- Long term perspective
- Busting through teenage behavior issues
- How to balance work and family

To learn more about Deaunna Evans or to connect with her goto She offers a FREE discovery session.

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