TEE 078: Win Where You Are

Win Where You Are

Win Where You Are

Do you feel like you win every day? How do you define winning? In episode 78 of the Executive Edge Podcast Patrick Antrim shares his high-performance tips that you can implement in every part of your life and business.

Patrick Antrim leverages a deep insight in leadership to inspire high-impact results. He is an author, speaker, entrepreneur and his leadership & coaching firm, Legendary Teams is focused on winning in life and business.

Patrick has uncovered and applied success secrets as a professional athlete and has extracted business building strategies from some of America‘s most influential entrepreneurs and business titans over the past 18 years. He provides support to forward looking companies leveraging the same business building strategies that legendary sports franchises use in winning organizations.

Patrick is the host of two podcasts: The Inner Game of Success and Multifamily Leadership.

Highlights from this episode:
- The importance of journaling
- Stepping back and enjoying the moment
- How high performance is possible
- Win where you are
- The ability to reflect and move forward
- How to be clear about what you want
- You can control “what” you do
- Champion Mindset
- How to get better every day
- How to change your approach to win
- “The Yankee Way”
- Leading at home first
- Perspective on challenges
- Concentrated focus to achieve anything you want to achieve
- Taking care of yourself first
- Being present with others

1. You are the passion!
2. Every day is a performance
3. I590 – “I get up at 5:00 am and spend 30 minutes getting physical (workout/stretching) then spend one hour focused on what you are really passionate about.”

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