Linda Yates

What are you passionate about? How do you define passion? My definition is that my heart, soul and mind become consumed and it makes me smile. There are a lot of different things that I am passionate about here is a list:
1. God
2. Family
3. Health
4. Work
5. People
6. Sun
7. Music

I believe that when passion exists – life is easier. All the tasks I have to undertake become lighter. The question then arises: Can you make yourself feel passion when it is lacking? I believe the answer is yes! Here are a few tips that I have implemented in my daily life when I need to feel more:

1. Get curious. When my energy is lacking I try to find something that I can learn more about.
2. Balance. There are some days that I get out of balance. Those are the days I stop and take a breath.
3. Say no. When I dig to find passion and it’s just not there, I say no. That is something hard for me to do – but at times necessary.
4. Set goals. By setting goals I am able to get excited and determination grows.
5. Reflect on what I love. As I reflect on what has inspired me in the past, I have more energy for what I’m currently working on.

Passion is the critical factor in pressing forward when you feel discouraged or frustrated. Asking yourself “why” will bring you back to your higher purpose. As you reaffirm your purpose, you will find renewed strength to move forward.

Passion is the spice of life. When you can put it in place into all areas of your life then the magic is yours to enjoy!



TEE 008: Kristina Kihlberg – How to balance professional and non-profit life

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This week on episode 008 of The Executive Edge Kristina Kihlberg shares how she has balanced her professional and non-profit life. Maintaining an edge while keeping sane can be hard to do. In this interview we learn a few secrets in order to achieve balance.

Originally from Sweden, Kristina has lived in Florida since 1990.

Having been through the process of moving to the U.S., she fully understands what others are experiencing and the challenges that may arise. In her job as SVP Operations, she handles all aspects of operation, customer service and account management at ExpatRide.

Outside of work, Kristina is very active with Toastmasters International and currently holds an elected position on the Board of Directors, where she serves as a “working ambassador” for this worldwide communication and leadership organization.

This week’s highlights:
- Moving into a new country and how to navigate the changes.
- Helping others is universal in both business and non-profit life
- How the various parts of our life can help us achieve our goals in ways we don’t expect.
- Recipe for success = passion
- Not fair to your employer if you are not giving it your all.
- How being professional will help you achieve your edge.
- How being tactful will assist you on your path to success
- You have to be you!

Kristina is a great example of balancing work and her volunteer life. Achieving that balance is something she has worked on throughout her career. To connect with Kristina please goto www.expatride.com or search Kristina Kihlberg on LinkedIn.

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