Book Recommendation for “Greatness”

Have you ever settled? In this week’s tip Linda Yates shares one of her favorite books in coaching her clients. That book is Good to Great by Jim Collins. In it he explains the process of becoming great.

You have greatness in you! It can become tempting to let being good rob being great. High performance is possible in every aspect of your life. All it takes it taking the first step and then taking the next.

If your are ready to take that next step, reach out to Linda for a complementary discovery session.

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Linda H. Yates – The Image Energizer is a highly-sought Keynote Speaker, Executive Coach and Corporate Trainer. She has produced over 250 educational seminars on helping individuals and businesses uncover, realize and accomplish their goals. Host of The Executive Edge podcast and author of Beyond the Clothes and the audio course and workbook 6 Steps to ENERGIZE Your Personal Brand, Linda Yates believes that NOTHING is Impossible!