TEE 074: Adapting through Failure with Jennifer Wilkins

Jennifer Wilkins

Have you ever had a dream that you didn’t know how to make happen? Have you ever had a failure? In episode 74 of The Executive Edge podcast Jennifer Wilkins share’s how her dream to dance and move has turned into a profitable business.

Jennifer Wilkins is the owner and creator of Cirque Asylum, an Aerial Arts Fitness Facility and Instructor Training Center. Jennifer has been practicing Aerial Arts for 13 years and based her expertise down to the fine details of functional progressive callisthenic training. She has created a functional fitness program and a flexibility program that is changing lives both by increasing progression rates and reducing injury. Jennifer has trained several generations of aerial arts instructors in a variety of apparatus including: Lyra, Pole, Silks, Flexibility, Foundational Strength, and Realignment.

Jennifer’s fitness program has been recognized internationally and has attracted one of Utah’s finest physical therapists as a certified instructor and expert in the field. Jennifer is passionate about what she does, from the arts aspect, to discovering new movement patterns and corrections within the skeletal and muscular system as a whole. Her aim is to improve overall quality of life long term through mind, body, and the arts.

Highlights from this episode:
- Finding a profitable demographic
- Attracting like-minded individuals
- The power of mentors and partners
- Building a team that complements your weaknesses
- Building a business without financial support
- Sacrifice pays off
- Creating business partnerships of trust
- Taking a dream to a successful business
- Looking back at decisions and how they shape your future
- Not taking things personally
- Adapting teaching style
- Starting from a clean slate
- Changing others perspective
- Taking a chance
- How your clients can teach you
- The importance of having fun

1. Be picky on who you partner with
2. Create a vision of what you want
3. Willing to adapt and change

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3,000 Different Theories

3,000 Different Theories

Thomas Edison constructed 3,000 different theories in connection with the electric light. If he had given up at failure 100 what would have happened? Failure can be a gift along with the perspective gained when something needs to be changed or tweaked.

“If at first you don’t succeed try, try, try again.” This quote from William E. Hickson has been around a long time, since 1857 in fact. Many times we let the fear of failure hold us back, and we forget that persistence pays off. As we take a look at some of the most famous individuals such as Thomas Edison or Abraham Lincoln, these gentlemen had several failures before they were ever able to have a win or success.

As I learn about the different setbacks and disappointments that Abraham Lincoln encountered it provides me hope and humility. It doesn’t matter if we fail, it only matters if we pick ourselves back up and keep trying.

Sometimes the fear of failure is our greatest stumbling block. We have to look at the word fear and change its meaning to an acronym: False Evidence Appearing Real (FEAR). Faith and fear cannot reside together at the same time. So having faith and a strong belief that whatever the outcome, the journey and process of trying are where the opportunities lie.

As I look back over my life and think about the “failures” I have had I realize that they were actually gifts. Those times that I fell down and had to pick myself up again were the times I came to understand what I was made of discovered my strengths. In strength building we need opposition in order to grow and expand so to can we apply this to life. Instead of being afraid of failure turn it around and use it to move you forward.

In our economic climate, many individuals and companies are having a rough time. Each individual has a choice. The choice is to let the stumble flatten them or the choice to explore new methods. Even if you have historically been a person that when knocked down struggles to get up, whether physically, emotionally or financially, you can change right now and BREAK the pattern. Don’t let the setback stop you! Here are some suggested ways to keep moving:

1. Write out possible scenarios of how you can conquer your trial.
2. Then go to work on your plan. Work is a gift. You don’t need a job to go to work.
3. Avoid any negativity. Do what you have to do to keep yourself in a positive place.
4. Write out all that is positive in your life. Staying in the mind set of plenty will help give you momentum.
5. Do something consistently everyday to work on your plan.
6. Don’t give up – keep trying. If something is not working then make adjustments.
7. Record your progress. Keeping a journal will help you measure and analyze what you may be missing.
8. Reach out to others – serve. By focusing on others’ needs it gives us a fuller perspective and doing good will comes back to us tenfold.

When you feel overwhelmed, find stories or experiences of individuals who have overcome their obstacles. I love this quote and in fact it is a mantra in my life: “Failure is not an option.” This was the tag line for the movie about APOLLO 13. They went to the moon and so can you with whatever that moon symbolizes to you.