Extemporaneous Speaking

Have you ever been caught off guard with a question from your boss or client? Have you ever wished you would have had some witty response to someone who has put you on the spot? Linda Yates, The Image Energizer shares how to be prepared extemporaneously.

When you implement this tip of: PREP you will be able to speak off the cuff in any situation.

P = Purpose/Point
R = Reason
E = Example
P = Re-state your purpose/point

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Linda H. Yates – The Image Energizer is a highly-sought Keynote Speaker, Executive Coach and Corporate Trainer. She has produced over 250 educational seminars on helping individuals and businesses uncover, realize and accomplish their goals. Host of The Executive Edge podcast and author of Beyond the Clothes and the audio course and workbook 6 Steps to ENERGIZE Your Personal Brand, Linda Yates believes that NOTHING is Impossible!