Design Your Day

What would the perfect day look like? You have the power to design your day so that your energy is optimal throughout the entire day. One of the secrets to getting that power boost in the afternoon is to take a lunch hour.

You may be tempted to work through your lunch hour rather than taking a break. Managing your time is a skill everybody can learn and implement. It’s often the little things that make the biggest impact.

It may be tempting to keep your head down and not take any breaks. By designing your day with breaks, you will be more productive and energetic throughout the day and into the evening.

With mental and physical breaks, you give your mind time to regenerate. With that reboot, innovation will be easier. With innovation, anything is possible.

You are in control of how you spend your time. You get to make the choice.

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Linda H. Yates – The Image Energizer is a highly-sought Keynote Speaker, Executive Coach and Corporate Trainer. She has produced over 250 educational seminars on helping individuals and businesses uncover, realize and accomplish their goals. Host of The Executive Edge podcast and author of Beyond the Clothes and the audio course and workbook 6 Steps to ENERGIZE Your Personal Brand, Linda Yates believes that NOTHING is Impossible!

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